Saturday, January 19, 2013

Changes are Coming...

I'm working offline on my site and there are some special graphics that I want made for it so I'm going to have to get them done. In fact, I'm also expanding the site to include some more content and to include various other interests that I have developed over the years. I may have to expand this blog to cover some of those interests as well. I'm not sure how to do it yet, but when I do it will make things a lot easier to update.

Besides the design information and the writing section, which is one of those to be expanded; I'm also adding an artist area, a gaming area and I'm going to get that cooking area finally finished.  I'm going to be including some of my own recipes in the cooking area and offer some great free cookbooks too. I'm going to be including some great reviews and recommendations on a lot of stuff that I've found useful over the years too. I think my site and this journal are going to get fat with information. But that's what I love to do, share what I've discovered and offer others a chance to put it to good use.

If I do offer items on here, it will because I use them, liked them and think that they may be useful to someone else. I will also mention things that I do not like or that have disappointed me when I was excited about the claims that were made. I don't want anyone spending good money on something that doesn't deliver like it says either. If I link to a product it may or may not be an affiliate link, mostly I will put a link to either my son or daughter's account as it helps them to earn a bit of income and moves them closer to their goals.

(I don't really do affiliate marketing anymore, not for some time due to promises that never went anywhere and being banned by Google Adsense, back when it was young and I was a newbie. I think that a life ban is a bit extreme and harsh, especially when it was not done on purpose and I never was paid a dime. But that is why I don't participate. But I will help my kids out if I can by sending someone to one of their links.)

Anyway, I believe that things are steadily coming together even though this site may not appear to be doing much changing. The new background is a bit tricky to put together so I'm making sure that it's done right the first time... at least, I hope it is. I'll have to wait till it's done to see if it works and that the effect is the one I want. Yes, I'm dabbling in flash again... hopefully this time it will not disappoint me.

So, Till we meet again my friends,

Carpe Diem!